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Closet a little overflowing? Sick of staring at your out of season goodies but don't have the energy or time to move them on? Want a bit of extra cash?
Girl, you've come to the right place. Claudia and Alice will come and solve all your scary wardrobe issues (along with accessories and the odd home ware). What we offer: think Sex and the City movie (the first one) and that scene where Carrie is packing up all her glorious fashions for the BIG move, Alice and I will be your Charlotte, Miranda and Samantha TOSS or TAKE. We will then take all your unwanted items and carefully list and photograph each item for you on eBay. We can also take donations to charity shops for you. All initial prices will be discussed at our first meeting after we have seen the clothes. Don't feel like your Witchery and Country Road aren't good enough, trust us, it sells! All this work takes many weekend hours for us so we charge a fee from your earnings, there is no up front cost to you. There are some terms and conditions of course, in order to make this worthwhile for us all, so please don't hesitate to contact us - we promise we'll make it painless and fun for you!
Nicky "They made deciding what clothes to get rid of so easy. They are 'firm but fair' for a procrastinator like me! Very efficient, and a great result very quickly. I can't wait to sell more with them. I highly recommend Claudia and Alice"
We have to add that we went shopping with Nicky the day after the payments were finalised and let's just say, there were 3 orange boxes involved...
Kelly "Claud and Alice turned my disheveled wardrobe that was full of clothes I no longer wore into a functioning and pleasurable space. I can see all of my clothes now and make choices easily. The best part was that not only did I clear my space but they helped me part with pieces I've loved but no longer wear and I got a nice deposit of funds into my account to go shopping with. A job I would never have pushed myself to do ended up being a fun and rewarding couple of hours. I couldn't recommend their services enough!"
Louise "Claud and Alice cleaned me out, I can't tell you how cleansing it felt, and the best bit? I got to go shopping again with my winnings!"
Chloe "They arrived, we had fun, I was ruthless, and the next thing... a lovely deposit into my account"
Peep My Style Shop

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