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Welcome and thank you for taking the time to stop by Peep My Style, a blog born of an urgent desire to spend my life in the way that energises me most - interiors. It is also a channel for me to engage my very active OCD need to organise and have things in their place. When I was really little our TV broke, it was one of those big fat ones with the air vent slits at the back. So anyway, mum got the repair man over and when he opened it up literally hundreds of silver coins tumbled out. My dad collects coins, I found his stash and began inserting them into those neat little slots in the TV for months, they just fit so perfectly, how could I resist? I love order and don't cope well with clutter. You should see my handbag, it's huge and I only carry a wallet, keys, sunnies and lip gloss in it, I love to travel light and efficiently and I don't lose things. I'm always the first one over if a friend is doing a wardrobe clean out and makeover; the first one to rearrange and de-clutter friends' and families' homes (I actually once considered a career change to 'professional organiser') and I'm constantly thinking about ways to rearrange my place to keep me excited about all my 'things'. Ask my mum and dad, I have always been the same.

I have been working as a relationship therapist for about 10 years and spent a long time studying, finally finishing a Masters Degree in Couple and Family Therapy in 2010. It was at about this point that I had a tugging on my creative heart strings telling me that I really needed to do something a little less intense with my life. Working with people in distress day in and day out is very tiring and the downtime I had left no mental energy for creativity. I moved into a coordination role which meant less clinical work and allowed me more time to begin to develop my creative self, which is when Peep was born. The more I have indulged this the more I know the direction I want to go in. I am okay with it taking some time to get there as I still get a lot from the work I do and am not quite ready to give that up yet.

So who am I? I'm the daughter of two loving parents, a sister to two brothers, one 3 years older who is a trapeze artist in Thailand and one 9 years younger who's into music and saving animals. I am a wife to Jules, most definitely the love of my life, but also, unfortunately, a sports freak who, when I gave him a hypothetical, said he wouldn't take a million bucks if he couldn't watch cricket on TV ever again - kill me (yes, we do hypotheticals all the time) - who comes with an amazing family-in-law. I'm a best friend to Hannah, we went to school together since age 8. She's my partner in crime, we have spent many an overseas trip doing all sorts of fun and naughty things like hotel room frauds and interpretive dances (those are the tame ones), and she constantly inspires me. Oh, and I'm an aunt to Mimi La Rue, the sweetest little bear cub in the world (a.k.a Hannah's dog Muffin).
On a different note, some fun facts about moi:

I have food intolerances (Google FODMAP) which are the bane of my existence.
I was born on December 4th in 1980.
I used to own a horse and I spent a significant part of my childhood on a farm.
I have had 3 tattoos but now only have 1.
I live on the north shore in Sydney.
I'm always hungry and feel shaky if I don't eat.
I have a huge empathy for animals and literally cannot cope if I see them in pain or being mistreated.
I am scared of ghosts and mum said I always used to tell her I saw people in my room at night - FREAKY.
I hate fruit, which is lucky because I'm also intolerant to it.
I was on Romper Room, which was a kids TV show in Australia, with a broken arm when I was 5.
I learnt to scuba dive on the Great Barrier Reef.
I have a parking fairy and can reverse park like no-one's business.
I hate my hair, I wish it was lovely and long and thick and permanently blonde but I really can't be bothered colouring it all the time.
I hope to one day win the lottery so I can jump on a plane to Paris to buy Celine bags.
I love Beyonce, hip hop and Adele.
I live for baths.
Which brings us to today, this blog has opened up so many doors for me. Working regularly for Adore Home Magazine, becoming a contributor for Cosmopolitan Magazine on their website, getting to peek inside the most beautiful homes and learning a lot along the way. Having a room I styled in Home Beautiful Magazine and winning the IKEA wedding styling challenge - wow, I feel so humbled by it all and I can't wait to see what the next few years bring.

I hope you enjoyed getting to know me a little, please leave comments as I love getting to know you too!

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