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My small fry arrived 8 days early (selfish, I had a pedi, wax and hair appointment booked that week! First lesson, I have no control) It was a very painful experience to say the least but George Teddy squeezed out at 4am on September 1st and I'm very proud, please find below a few pics of his tiny little warm body. Don't fear, the blog will not turn into a baby fest/mummy blog but I can't promise I won't give you little snippets of him because I'm completely obsessed. Cleverly, my husband got me these Kelly Wearstler brass lips to commemorate the occasion - so perfect! You may find my posts a little thin on the ground for the next few weeks but I have an exciting project I'm working on and hope to take you on the ride starting this month so watch this space peeps x

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0 a chair {and a facet} a day

Whoa baby! How has this not travelled into my stratosphere before? Subtle, no? The mongolian fur could do with a bleach into cream heaven but other than that, what's not to love? It's the Mosaic Chair 02 from BRC Designs made from tempered glass surrounded by a steal frame, lovingly covered in mongolian fur goose down cushions. For those who have children they also do this glass and steel sofa

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4 peep loves {september}

This month I LOOOOOOOVE the Connect Modular sofa from Muuto at Urban Couture, above - that salmon-y pink colour hits the spot so sweetly right? The Writer desk from Like Butter (below),  the Tickar dinner plates at IKEA, the Shimmer table lamp from Beacon lighting, MR PRINTABLES - the most adorable free printables if you have the time and patience, the Indiana sandal from Tony Bianco (sorry IM) anything from POND, especially this black Hay design chair which is beyond comfy and perfect for my office, these Lumira soy candles and the Mantis BS3 lamp. They have just opened a new shop in Woollahra and it's heaven, go check it out (next to Riada) Etsy cushion shop CC Deux Vie, the Kelly Wearstler mini kiss lips from Becker Minty

The Rubicon jute rug from West Elm below (I think the chevron fantasy continues in order to feed my desire for wide herringbone floorboards in my dream home and until that happens, I do what I can to make do)

and the countdown is officially ON! T minus 9 days until I'm due. Please wish me luck

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0 hunter & harper

WARNING: CHILD RELATED POST (but totes worth reading it)

Brand new discovery! (pretty much all things kids are a brand new discovery for me though) This dressing your child is a big deal these days, I never knew how much was out there. My impending child's wardrobe is literally better than mine at this stage, think trench coats and breton stripes from paris, Missoni and Hermes towels, Marc Jacobs hats and booties and a plethora of gorgeous grey denim and stripes (plus some insane pony hair leopard print shoes, ahem Alice, boys can wear leopard right?) All those gorgeous goodies are what I've been given as gifts, meaning I haven't had to do that much shopping so I haven't been fully indoctrinated into the kids shopping which is very dangerous in the online world (ahem Zoie) Browsing the net, and a helpful link from SIL Alice, led me to Hunter & Harper (names de jour, non?) these are clothes I'm willing to start my kids shopping voyage with. I immediately fell for the stripe Goat Milk onesie of course, it is literally the softest organic cotton I have ever felt, if they made these in adult I would have bought 10 (tops that is), then you begin to think about bedding, toys, throws etc. and luckily H&H have that base covered too. I was lucky enough to walk away with this gorgeous Flink striped crib sheet in slate, the perfect neutral, 100% organic cotton and 220 thread count. The goodies come delivered in chic, recyclable little boxes all gorgeously wrapped. I am quickly learning that the modern mumma wants things that are 'safe' for their kids and this extends to clothes, no yucky chemicals etc. are used and the girls have done the hard yards to source the most eco-friendly product, this means less work for me - YAY! Click here to browse the range

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1 etsy roundup

I get completely lost in time on Etsy, I start searching for one thing (a Scandinavian mobile thanks Coco Republic blog) then the clever clogs website suggests other things I may like, why yes! yes I do love that cushion, thank you for the helpful suggestion Etsy! These cushions above are a custom order for someone from Etsy shop CC Deux Vie (I want them too please) then there was the (un helpful) suggestion of this side table below, unhelpful because it's in bloody New York, keep it local please Etsy, respect my needs for reasonable shipping. Then I spy something right up my shipping alley, a downloadable skull. This Etsy shop called Assembli offers DIY paper sculptures, you just need some serious folding skillz. Another win with this Leigh Viner dot art print, but a large fail with this useless suggestion, I actually got conned into thinking you knew me!

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2 house (?) envy {the hilfigers florida home}

The question mark is there for obvious reasons. This Martyn Lawrence Bullard designed home has some pros but has plenty of cons too, probably very appropriate cons for its locale mind you. I love the vibrant colours, but so many? I love the graphic black and white, full stop, that kitchen is everything, I am really having a big black and white moment right now. All those mirrors in the bedroom freak me out, I especially detest the ones above the bedsides, so retro. And as kitsch as it is, I LOVE that banana walled powder room, it's adorable! Thoughts?

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