0 still life {chelsea hing}

Chelsea Hing is a Melbourne based interior designer who has created a genius online shop and styling service. She creates 'still life' vignettes to buy as a package and if you're in Melbourne a stylist will come to your home and install it. You can buy a whole look or piece by piece. Here are some of my faves. 

I'm desperate for this gorgeous Andrei Davidoff dish below

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1 lamps lamps lamps

Gone are the days of drooling over the US West Elm website, looky what we have now! Lots of glorious lamps, shop them all here

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2 newness

I like to think I have patience but the reality is I don't. We were talking about what we wanted to achieve this year and mine were all basically what I wanted to buy for the house, they're achievements right? Top of my list was a new mattress and second was new sofas. The mattress was bought pretty much the next day and then a certain someone happened to send me a link to some sweetness at West Elm that was at a price I couldn't say no to. So I bargained with myself, sell your current sofa for what the new ones cost and voila! No guilt required. But me being me, I decided that I couldn't wait for the sofa to sell (I had lots of enquiries from eBay and Gumtree mostly about where the cushions/lamps/coffee table were from) so I bit the bullet and bought the glorious performance velvet West Elm sofas with no bites on mine. Of course the new ones turn up and the old one hasn't sold so we disassemble the old one and store some in the bedroom some in the study (much to Jules annoyance) then magically last Saturday a guy came to see it and offered me my asking price which was a little more than the two new sofas! Bloody beauty 

I'm so much happier with the two sofas as opposed to a modular, this feels much more grown up and 'me'

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1 for sale / on the hunt

All this redecorating has made me VERY antsy for a new sofa situation. I am officially over my modular and need a pair. First though I need to sell this bad boy, it is the Sitta from Freedom and retailed for $3340 when I bought it a few years ago. It has a chaise piece that attaches either side not pictured here, so if you are interested please let me know, all offers considered!

Now to the fun part...finding a new lady to fill her spot. After selecting these from Orson & Blake for the Bondi house I am thinking they may work in my space too, but perhaps the smaller Kathryn sofa?

In my dreams the Muuto rose sofa is what I end up with but with a growing baby I don't think its wise somehow...

any suggestions for great affordable sofas please send them my way!

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0 first shoot post bebe

First shoot back after baby was at this glorious Avalon home up in the trees for Adore Magazine with Hannah Blackmore Photography  - the home owner Zoe is one half of The Wedding Nest company who provide all the lovely things you see in her home on their bridal registry. I am really into a home with little colour at the moment and this was the perfect way to do it without seeming bland, it's all about texture!

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1 adore

What an absolute thrill to finally see the Adore Home magazine in the flesh. I loved this pastel shoot I did with Jacqui Turk at my sister in law Alice's home, so much so I ended up going home with the bedding! Then the next day I gave birth so I didn't even have time to enjoy it until I came out the baby haze (safely out of that now) The best part is that it's available to go buy at the newsagent TODAY! run don't walk...

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1 a {few tan leather} chair{s} a day

I feel physically sick looking at these chairs. Of course they are in LA, of course shipping's too expensive (because for once the chairs aren't ridiculously priced - just a little bit) GET IT TOGETHER AUSTRALIA - make things that are beautiful like these chairs and make them somewhat reasonably priced. Too much to ask? Okay, enough aggressive ranting. These chairs are called the Rod + Weave by Eric Trine and I l.o.v.e them

The Hunting Chair by Borge Mogensen (can be purch'd in Sydney at Great Dane Furniture

The Toro chair from Bludot, the chair that got me dreaming of tan leather and incidentally the chair I purchased for my client's master bedroom

The F44 chair by Pierre Paulin (this lady has made an appearance before on a chair a day) and another by PP, the Butterfly chair

and finally the thin frame lounge chair by Lawson Fenning - heavenly

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