0 velvet cushies

Piles and piles of coloured velvet is floating my boat! These two images are from Rebecca Judd's instagram and show off the look to perfection

and then I saw this sofa (below) packed to the brim via Prue Ruscoe's interior photography. I am feeling this look for winter and will start to build up my own little jewel tone box of cushions for my lounge. Freedom has a pretty good range, just switch out the inserts for lovely down duck

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0 diy {concrete}

I was brave and attempted a Real Living DIY last week. Did you see those concrete bookends they made? It was relatively easy and I think would come out beautifully after a few practices! I took myself off to Bunnings and bought a mixing bucket, stirrer/scooper and a little bag of concrete (all up $15). I found the hexagonal plastic mould at vinnies for $1 the week before and knew it would come in handy. I have since thought that buying nicely shaped glasses from op shops is a good idea so you can just smash the glass off afterward

I mixed as per the instructions and also coated the sides with oil so it would slip out afterward. Of course it was not that easy and I ended up having to break the mould once it was dry - boo.

Chucked my crystals in after a few hours and let it set for a few days...

et voila! Concrete bookend

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0 the professionals {artist amy joy watson}

South Australian born sculptural artist Amy Joy Watson clearly appeals to my whimsical (and faceted) side. The 26 year old's work has been shown around Australia and has won her awards and scholarships. Her 'very, very handmade' work is a direct response to being able to get anything manufactured out of anything - very nostalgic and very beautiful! For more of her work visit her website

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0 the professionals {jaime hayon}

Yes, yes I know, second day in a row discussing the virtues of Spanish artist/designer Jaime Hayon, I can't help it! He's a genius. Today I will give you a fuller picture of his work, starting with this unfathomable bathroom concoction above. Followed closely by the Tudor chair below

Then there's the Baccarat crystal

but my absolute favourite is the Showtime chairs for BD - just look at that pale pink and white in the middle! Insanity

Let's take a closer look...

sigh, in Australia you can purch via KE-ZU
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0 a chair a day {jaime hayon's ro chair}

This piece of work is courtesy of Jaime Hayon for Fritz Hansen, it's the Ro chair and is - in my humble opinion - perfect. Yes it makes a difference seeing it cocooned by polished concrete and marble, even out of this exquisite context she sings! So, as you know I am madly looking for a feeding chair (and still deciding if it's something I even need, as - let's be honest - I'd rather be watching RHOBH on the couch) but this is a leeeeetle out of my budget and sadly I don't think a replica would do it justice! Still, a girl can dream, right?

The Ro chair can be purchased through Corporate Culture in Australia for the measly sum of $4111. If your are super keen for details, the cushion on the chair in the first image is from Pony Rider here.
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2 eduardo garza

I love sneaking a peek at my new followers on Instagram and was blown away when this genius had a liking frenzy on my photos. Eduardo Garza is from Mexico and now resides in the US where he works with celebrities and some major department stores sharing his ridiculously beautiful objects of design. His gem encrusted boxes, nickel and gold plated skulls and other curiosities are a sight to behold. I implore you to take a look, be prepared for a price to match the beauty though, EXCEPT when you learn he did a collaboration with West Elm at a much friendlier price - YIPPEE!

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0 peep loves {april}

Scout Design Studio via instagram, seriously worth a follow for one of a kind furniture inspiration (case in point above), useful also as to what to keep an eye out for here in Australia :), Karlie Kloss apartment designed by Nate Berkus, Ziporah towels, new ChipChop! collection French Toast (left bank right bank tights please), the Adore Home Magazine book is here THIS MONTH! (below) this insanity from Sass & Bide plus this little pant chain also from Sass & Bide (two below) and most exciting of all is it's my girl Hannah's wedding at the end of the month! I hope I don't ruin her photos being a 5 month pregnant whale...

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