1 a {few tan leather} chair{s} a day

I feel physically sick looking at these chairs. Of course they are in LA, of course shipping's too expensive (because for once the chairs aren't ridiculously priced - just a little bit) GET IT TOGETHER AUSTRALIA - make things that are beautiful like these chairs and make them somewhat reasonably priced. Too much to ask? Okay, enough aggressive ranting. These chairs are called the Rod + Weave by Eric Trine and I l.o.v.e them

The Hunting Chair by Borge Mogensen (can be purch'd in Sydney at Great Dane Furniture

The Toro chair from Bludot, the chair that got me dreaming of tan leather and incidentally the chair I purchased for my client's master bedroom

The F44 chair by Pierre Paulin (this lady has made an appearance before on a chair a day) and another by PP, the Butterfly chair

and finally the thin frame lounge chair by Lawson Fenning - heavenly

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2 project bondi {shopping cart}

As I have said before, I am certainly fulfilling all my shopping urges of late, Bludot has been a lifesaver, especially with their Toro chair and Strut consoles

Villa Interiors came up trumps with a pair of these chairs and a pair of these concrete lamps

I also managed to convince Spence & Lyda to part with one of their shop props to fill a long skinny wall at the house - so perfect for a beach house!

Then there's trusty West Elm, perfect classics

The deadline for completion is looming, only a month to go!

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1 giveaway time!

Welcome to giveaway time! Francalia homewares have given me one of these out of control beautiful Iosis cushions to give to YOU! All you need to do is get on Instagram, follow moi, follow @francalia_homewares, regram the image (above) on my page and use the hashtag #peeplovesiosis (let's be honest peep loves almost anything French)

Bonne Chance!

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2 chateau peep

Ever since I've been doing the Bondi house I have been in a mood. Mood equals I want to change everything in my house. I had a quick insta sale of my coffee table and a few other things et voila, handy cash for newness! New West Elm coffee table, new artwork (painted by my mother in law), new cushions from an Etsy store, switched out my blue lamps for these neutrals (again from West Elm) and got some props out of the holiday cupboard. The horse bookends were a vinnies find for $10! Now I'm getting new art for the dining room (watch this space) and I got new lamps for the bedroom and fresh new linen, post to come!

Now what I reeeeeeealy want is 2 new sofas, no more sectional but being on mat leave means I can't make crazy expensive decisions like that so it will have to wait...

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1 peep loves {november}

These linen bound embossed sketch books from Kelly Wearstler, the Bank Modern Mink velvet lounge chair from Bludot, these SABA x Catacombz bronze reflector sunglasses (on sale), new Gorman homewares (the lobster bedding!)

Rachel Castle bed linen for kids and this Baby Face artwork (below)

this delicious Nina Ricci bag from Shopbop

and ... HAPPY 2 MONTHS OLD GEORGE TEDDY! Thanks HB for the gorgeous photo x

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0 {blamo} art toys

You know how much I love a decorative object right? Well thanks again Instagram for introducing me to yet another beautiful set of objects to covet, Blamo art toys - an independent art toy company founded in 2006 in Los Angeles. I saw Rice Baby (above) on the House of Honey page and followed that link pronto. how cute is their 'about me'...

Blamoville is a sorry-less land filled with creatures that share a common love for outrageous adventure, be it a solo train ride through the mountains, a good meal with a friend, or a party on a pirate ship. Swashbuckling, bouncing, flying or crying...whatever adventure awaits, be sure that it is one to remember! In Blamoville there are no sorrys, so put your sorrys in a sack and come out to play.

...check out the full collection here (I feel like baby George needs one of these for his first birthday)

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0 project bondi {room moods}

Kids room option above, and optional entertainment/bedroom below

The outdoor mood, bought the fibreglass concrete table and have the black awning ordered, but we've gone in a different direction with chairs etc. 

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