1 le office part deux

You are going to think I'm insane but ever since I got my Bludot Strut I haven't been able to quite get my office right again. I was going for the Jenna Lyons look but it really didn't work in the space so I'm kind of back to square one, that was until I came across Kate Banazi's latest work below which I immediately snapped up. This drew me straight back to my all time favourite room (above). Lovely Kate is going to make me a matching piece in pink, VERY excited about this!

To introduce some black I ordered Hee Wellings AAC 20 About A Chair in all black from Cult Design and bought IKEA's new Lohals rug for a little warmth, my gold and cream Stephan lamp from Regency Distribution will still work in here then all that's left is a little golden fleece in the form of some Mongolian fur for the chair and accessories! 

In my head it looks FAB and a little like this...

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1 claudia dot com

I have finally got around to completing my new website (with the lovely Design By Stephanie J) The blog will now only be to explore my everyday inspirations and obsessions and my work will be over at Claudia Stephenson DOT COM!

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0 for sale

Gorgeous huge Emilio Pucci framed silk scarf, free delivery Sydney Metro $400 O.N.O email me with your interest

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0 objects

I'm developing an obsession with large groupings of objects for the hall table. This is proving costly as evidenced by an 'I went to buy a tiny dish in Dinosaur Designs and came out with $600 worth of goodies' event. To be honest I was first inspired by a trip to my local Seed shop, have you seen the visual merchandising in there? Hello kelly Wearstler object rip off, but they have done a covetable job of it I must say. I'm goin to cast my net wider than DD though, Vinnies should prove useful and West Elm have some cute pottery too, if you know of any good monochromatic objects let me know!

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0 stylect

I was asked to be a part of a new online project (based in Melbourne) called STYLECT, basically it's a quick and easy way to get your decoration problems solved all from the comfort of your home. You can 'ask a question' like what lamp will go with this table, get a 'mini' room revamp or a 'full' room makeover. There are stylists in each state so the advice will be local and fast. It's an awesome idea, I wish I thought of it first! Hopefully I can share some makeovers with you here on the blog. In the mean time, click on over and take a peek.

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2 the bondi project {adore}

I'm thrilled to finally share the Bondi Project with you as featured in this months Adore Home Magazine and photographed by Hannah Blackmore Photography. I loved working on this home with my sister in law Alice and cannot wait for my next project! I hope you enjoy

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0 still life {chelsea hing}

Chelsea Hing is a Melbourne based interior designer who has created a genius online shop and styling service. She creates 'still life' vignettes to buy as a package and if you're in Melbourne a stylist will come to your home and install it. You can buy a whole look or piece by piece. Here are some of my faves. 

I'm desperate for this gorgeous Andrei Davidoff dish below

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