0 adores second print edition is out!

Pretty thrilled to have got the cover of the new print Adore Home Magazine with Hannah Blackmore Photography out June 1st! Those who pre ordered will have theirs this week but everyone else can get it at your local newsagent from June 1st, if they don't have it on display ask them for it and then put it FRONT AND CENTRE! This shoot was at the Three Birds Renovation latest project in Sydney and there plenty more gorgeousness in the issue

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0 catch up/round up/lately

I went in to get another little piece of Kelly Wearstler from one of my all time favourite shops, Becker Minty, lucky for me it is literally right underneath one of my besties apartments in Potts Point. Everything in there is gulpingly good, take this bronzed polar bear (above) and Felix Forests Chernobyl series (above and below)

Another new obsession is Dina Broadhurst, I found her on instagram and I'm really inspired by her, she is an artist in Sydney and I have seen her collage works popping up all over the place, notably in last months Real Living mag, this one above is of particular interest to me and I'm looking forward to it becoming available.  Below is her living room, I'm adore her Tom Dixon Void pendant and the self painted wall mural, I love the contrast of the ultra modern in this (what appears to be) deco apartment, don't get me started on the corseted chairs...

As for my latest lustings, these Tom Dixon 100 million year old petrified wood bookends are ALL THAT, this is pretty much the perfect dome from Becker Minty and Dinosaur Designs new flower range is exquisite, don't you think?

I saw my West Elm sofa on Rue Mags insta and fell in love with the styling, especially that trio of vases, perfect!

and lastly a little fashion injection, the Volta bag from Vuitton is beyond, it's a massive pity that it's $4500, oh to have all the money in the world...

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0 a chair a day {PIERRE JEANNERET}

Okay, it's official, I have a new favourite, the PIERRE JEANNERET armchair. Jeanneret is a Swiss architect who also happens to be Le Corbusier's cousin (real name Charles Edouard Jeanneret). This bad boy was manufactured between 1952 and 1956 and is mid century modern at its finest, me thinks. Purchasing these is not easy, firstly as they're not common in Australia and secondly the price, here are some on eBay and some on 1st Dibs - not for the faint of heart...sadly for me they are now stuck in my iPhone notes under wish list, its actually nigh on impossible to delete wish list items until they're mine so it looks like I'm going to have to work REALLY HARD to make this happen in this lifetime!

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1 Adore April Issue

LOVED shooting the home of stylist Briar Stanley for Adore Magazine. It was beautiful and bright as is Briar herself! Her home has a true stylists touch to it, each piece is unique and works perfectly together. My favourite piece was the gorgeous metal and rope chair (above) which was a score from Briar's work on The Great Gatsby set design, there are still a few left over at Le Forge in various colours. Enjoy the feature...

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0 hello!

I know I have been RUBBISH with my blog for the past 6 months, this KAWS Companion represents how I feel about myself and my lack of posts, he also represents something I want to buy, surprise surprise! (anyone know where to get them in Sydney?) But I digress, I have been super busy shooting lots of lovely homes for Adore, taking on lots of new private decorating clients and being involved in STYLECT decorating online, all this and taking care of little George Teddy. That is why I am very slack, very rubbish. I promise I'll get better, I have been madly tagging every page in Belle being so inspired, also I'm moving in 8 weeks so its another whole new adventure of decorating on the home front, #chateaupeep will be back in full force. 

More importantly, have you seen Hermes has done an Ikat range in their porcelain? Heaven

Here's a little snippet of George sticking his finger up his nose to leave you with...until next time (soon I promise!)

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2 le office part deux

You are going to think I'm insane but ever since I got my Bludot Strut I haven't been able to quite get my office right again. I was going for the Jenna Lyons look but it really didn't work in the space so I'm kind of back to square one, that was until I came across Kate Banazi's latest work below which I immediately snapped up. This drew me straight back to my all time favourite room (above). Lovely Kate is going to make me a matching piece in pink, VERY excited about this!

To introduce some black I ordered Hee Wellings AAC 20 About A Chair in all black from Cult Design and bought IKEA's new Lohals rug for a little warmth, my gold and cream Stephan lamp from Regency Distribution will still work in here then all that's left is a little golden fleece in the form of some Mongolian fur for the chair and accessories! 

In my head it looks FAB and a little like this...

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1 claudia dot com

I have finally got around to completing my new website (with the lovely Design By Stephanie J) The blog will now only be to explore my everyday inspirations and obsessions and my work will be over at Claudia Stephenson DOT COM!

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