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There are no words for this bedroom of Miranda Skoczek via The Design Files. The Leila Jeffries photograph, the Moroccan wedding blanket and THAT GOLD URN. How lucky is this lady to have found said urn and how genius of her to have it as a bedside WHATEVER. There's more insanity for your viewing pleasure on TDF if you want to go look. She makes me want Fornasetti real bad.

This diabolical bowl is at Becker Minty right now and I'm having seriously impure thoughts about it. Then I remember I'm having a baby and maybe it's not right to spend that much on a decorative object. Then I think about going to West Elm to satisfy my need with a little accoutrement but really nothing fills a Kelly Wearstler void does it...

So back to the baby, Han and I shot it last weekend, it's a small room so hard to capture it well. I don't want that much fuss in there, all the nurseries I have seen that I have fallen for have been quite minimal, and let's be honest, I'm decorating for me really not the baby. Everything I'm buying I would have bought without being preggers, is that selfish? Hold on here, maybe the baby needs a Kelly Wearstler stone checker dish? A bit of a stretch. Anywho, the nursery will be in the next issue of Adore magazine coming out NEXT WEEK!

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0 gorman homewares

Delicious new wares at Gorman in their home wares section like this king and queen bowl, this golden eye cushion (purchased as it is the perfect accompaniment for the baby's cot)

and these gorgeous ceramic wall hangings

loads more in store, go and be tempted!

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0 i spy with my little eye

I knew this guy would make it! Last year I bought a concrete sculpture from Aussie artist Kenny Yong Soo Son from Stuido Kyss and now he's over at The Design Files (above) and it's the number one object on Real Living's lust list (below) PLUS it's featured in Vogue Living this month. Massive congratulations! Buy yours at Cargo Collective 

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0 shimmer table

Major furniture crush, it's the Shimmer table from Glas Italia (available locally at Space Furniture) made with iridescent glass panels. They remind me of Gemma Smith's sculptures. Wouldn't it look oh so perfect with a concrete backdrop and some genius shaggy rug for contrast? I'm already decorating a whole room around it.

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0 quilted

A little quilt goes a long way in my book, have you seen the covers available for the Esbjorn chair at IKEA? Above is the Barnaby chair manufactured by Sancal available at Ke-Zu in Australia, then there's everything from Ligne Roset (below)

and below, the Moroso Panna chair from Hub furniture 

all this quilting makes me wanna buy some fuchsia pink seat pads for my dining chairs, then there's all the lovely quilt-y fashion I'm missing out on because my tummy is TOO big to slide into those grey chevron sweaters and more. See? interiors are always so much kinder than fashion now-a-days.

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1 pink (and a quick baby update)

Seeing this couch on Insta via Sara Kate Studios feed inspired me to do another virtual hunt for pink in the marketplace, it's really an ongoing  battle with me I know, this whets my appetite though so at least poor Jules isn't living in Barbie's dream home. Let's start with this Coco Republic Bali ceramic table lamp below,  I think it's like $800 per lamp so these are out (right?)

A little closer to earth there is the Alina bedding from IKEA and this gorgeous frayed linen from West Elm which is a more masculine friendly amethyst, and on sale! Westy also had some loverly amethyst Mongolian fur mini cushions on sale but I had to resist as I already have 2 sheepies, one Mongolian cushion in the nursery and a zebra and cow hide - CALM DOWN with the animal skins methinks (says she who just barely resisted a dove grey shaggy Mongolian fur throw at Quintessence on the way to do the weekly shop at dirty North bridge Plaza) listen, at least I have some self control, some. It's actually probably a blessing I'm having a boy as imagine the license it would give me to go nuts if it were a girl?

In other anecdotal news, I was at my 31 week check up and the midwife said I was carrying very neatly and that my stomach muscles were very tight and made my stomach very hard (my fat dispersed for a second) and Jules rudely told her that they were my 'McDominals' (as opposed to abdominals). Everyone thought this was hilarious, it's just plain mean, then I bought TimTams.

and let's finish with this delight from Dinosaur Designs

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2 chateau peep : office close up

Loni featured my office on the blog a little while ago (as well as in the mag) and I thought I would share some more pics. Especially since I am pretty much saying goodbye to this bright-as-can-be look. What sucks with me though is that it takes me a while to get to a completed new look, I like to find 'the perfect' things (I am v. picky), so the office now sits in a state of flux, pink desk, rug, old chair and a few accoutrements but nothing significant on the walls etc. makes me not want to be in here. I wish there was some insane comfy sofa office chair I could buy, I'm sick of hard plastic chairs!

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