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You know how much I love a decorative object right? Well thanks again Instagram for introducing me to yet another beautiful set of objects to covet, Blamo art toys - an independent art toy company founded in 2006 in Los Angeles. I saw Rice Baby (above) on the House of Honey page and followed that link pronto. how cute is their 'about me'...

Blamoville is a sorry-less land filled with creatures that share a common love for outrageous adventure, be it a solo train ride through the mountains, a good meal with a friend, or a party on a pirate ship. Swashbuckling, bouncing, flying or crying...whatever adventure awaits, be sure that it is one to remember! In Blamoville there are no sorrys, so put your sorrys in a sack and come out to play.

...check out the full collection here (I feel like baby George needs one of these for his first birthday)

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0 project bondi {room moods}

Kids room option above, and optional entertainment/bedroom below

The outdoor mood, bought the fibreglass concrete table and have the black awning ordered, but we've gone in a different direction with chairs etc. 

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0 project bondi {master bed}

We started out with these quite feminine looks for the master (above and below) and have deviated quite a bit to a more masculine look

much more Malene Birger, no? LOVE this look.

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1 project bondi {dining}

what we started out with

The dining room has been tricky, having a looming deadline and no firm decision on dining table freaked me out as lead times can be veeeeeery long so I was thrilled we agreed on a gorgeous oak table you see below in the most up top date look of the room as it stands now. Many of the looks are hinging on the artwork we choose as the client has very eclectic taste, I love how much she cares about each piece, so each room will have more meaning and personality for her. The work below is Kate Tucker. The black wicker pendants are from Koskela and the crockery is from Pond.

We haven't finalised rugs yet but here are some options

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0 project bondi {art}

There is a great wide hallway after the main entrance which is screaming for a vignette. My brother in law McLean Stephenson is a photographer and we are hoping to include some of his work in the house. Here is my first idea for the hallway. The Bludot strut console fades into the background and the photograph does ALL the talking

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0 project bondi {living room moods}

The main living area has garnered the most attention so far, as it should, and we have managed to make some of the major furniture decisions. My favourite is the one above, what we have ended up with is a bit of a blend of them all. The bench above is the Web bench from Freedom which is now a bed end for the master and we just bought the sofas in the last image from Orson & Blake plus the 2 occasional chairs from Spence & Lyda. Next up is the rug, coffee table and sides to pull the space together.

Here are some coffee table options, thoughts?

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0 project {bondi}

Just a week before I gave birth I was asked to take on the decorative transformation of a friend's new 5 bedroom home. Despite being a little nervous about how I would juggle being a new mum and not knowing how much work would be involved (the deadline for completion is December 1st), I felt like I couldn't pass this opportunity up. Luckily for me George has been a bit of a dream and I have been able to work pretty hard on this project (I also invited my sister in law Alice to share the load with me which has made the job immeasurably more enjoyable). Breast feeding is also my friend as I communicate with the owner (she's in London) and scour the net for delicious product in the wee hours of the morning. I will update you with the progress of the transformation and share purchases and mood boards etc.

For now, here are the real estate shots as it is currently furnished, I'll post more on Friday so pop back in!

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